Important Information and Documentation Your Lawyer Will Need to Begin Your Personal Injury Case

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To competently represent you in a personal injury case, a lawyer must effectively show how your life has been impacted and changed by the accident that caused your injury. In essence, this means presenting a snapshot of your life before the accident, as well as demonstrating the difficulties you have faced as a result of the injury. With this in mind, it may be easier to imagine why an attorney may ask you for so much personal information during your personal injury case.

Information Related to the Accident

Any accident, traffic collision or police reports that contain descriptions of the scene and any eye-witness accounts will help your lawyer make your case. In addition, the contact information, such as names and addresses, of any doctors or therapists who have seen you since the accident are necessary so that your lawyer can begin collecting information on the nature of your injury, such as the severity and timetable for recovery. Photographs of the scene of the injury are also important, as well as any contact information for the other party and any insurance companies involved. This information should help your lawyer contact the necessary parties and begin valuating your case.

Other Personal Information

Your lawyer may need your past tax returns to assist in your claim for lost income by showing how much income you consistently earned in the past. Employment records may show that before your injury you were steadily employed with a sterling attendance record. Similarly, past medical records help to demonstrate how the accident has changed your health status.

The more information you provide your personal injury attorney, the more easily they are able to create a convincing picture of your life, and how your injury has changed it. If you are considering a personal injury claim in the Chicago area, call the personal injury attorneys of Malman Law at (312) 983-6193. At Malman Law we hold that attaining the compensation you deserve quickly and efficiently is our utmost goal. Call us for more information today.

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