4 Examples of Negligence in Workplace Accidents

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When you are injured at work, workers’ compensation pays for your medical costs and lost income. In return, you agree not to sue your employer for any additional compensation. However, if your injuries are due to negligence by a third party like a supplier or customer, you may be able to file a third-party claim to recover damages from them. Examples of situations that may warrant third-party claims include:

  1. Defective equipment. Sadly, many companies continue to build defective machinery or equipment, even when they know it is dangerous. In many cases, your employer has no way of knowing that the equipment carries dangers because the manufacturer hides the information. If your injury was caused by a defect in machinery that the manufacturer was aware of, a third-party claim may be possible.
  2. Asbestos exposure. For years, companies marketed products that contained asbestos, a highly hazardous material. If you were exposed to asbestos and now suffer from symptoms of a related disease like mesothelioma, consider filing a third-party claim. Regardless of whether your employer knowingly exposed you to hazards, the manufacturer certainly did, and you deserve compensation for it.
  3. Car accidents. If you drive as part of your job, you run the risk of being involved in an accident. As with any other car accident, you have recourse against negligent drivers. If another driver’s lack of reasonable care caused your injuries, consult a personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options for recovering compensation.
  4. Dangerous work conditions. Many construction sites use subcontractors for additional labor, but these workers may exhibit carelessness that puts you in danger. Your employer is not responsible for this, and you may be eligible to file a third party claim for a subcontractor’s negligence._

Workers’ compensation is not always enough to pay medical bills and other living expenses. After a workplace accident, call Malman Law to discuss your legal options for recovering additional damages. You may be entitled to more compensation than you realize. Call (312) 983-6193 to schedule an appointment in our Chicago office.

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