Common Injuries and Abuse Sustained by the Elderly in Nursing Homes

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Although elders deserve the utmost care and respect, certain people feel the need to take advantage of them, failing to fulfill the trust of caring family members who place loved ones in nursing homes. These self-contained facilities provide an opportunity for abuse and neglect to occur. If discovered, this form of abuse may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some common issues to look out for in your elderly loved ones:

Pressure Ulcers

Immobile patients often suffer from pressure ulcers, or bedsores, due to long periods of time spent in the same position. The parts of the body that bear weight may experience reduced blood flow to the skin, causing blistering and eventually deep tissue damage if left untreated. When the nursing home staff does not take the appropriate measures to shift patients who cannot move, check for developing bedsores, and clean ulcerations, severe damage can occur.

Nutritional Deficiency

Many elders lose their appetites due to disease or sensory impairment. Unfortunately, some become malnourished because the nursing home fails to provide adequate meals, meet special dietary needs, or recognize and treat a nutritional deficiency. This is a serious form of neglect that can increase a senior’s risk of developing illness or infection.

Medication Mismanagement

Nursing home abuse often takes the form of medication tampering, with patients receiving the incorrect dose or the wrong medication altogether. Staff may intentionally withhold medicine as punishment or accidentally confuse different medications—regardless, the effects can be devastating. Patients may endure uncomfortable side effects, suffer from worsening symptoms, and even experience a dangerous deterioration of a formerly controlled condition.

Dangerous Neglect

Staff members that ignore a patient with chronic needs may ultimately have a hand in his or her death. Patients with tracheostomies require regular suctioning in order to clear the airway. Similarly, those with difficulty swallowing must be closely monitored to prevent choking. Other preventable causes of distress include bacterial infection, improper hygiene, and poor climate control.

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